​​​​​​The Town of Aurora offers integration services to help meet the needs of participants of all abilities.

The Town of Aurora welcomes participants of all ages and abilities to join our camp or program opportunities. In order to facilitate opportunities for persons with an exceptionality, we will work closely with the parent/ guardian/caregiver to pursue the ideal camp or program collaboratively. If the participant needs additional support, we will work together to find a suitable solution through external resources, staffing or volunteers.

A person requires integration services if:​

  • They benefit from extra support in the classroom at school or at home.
  • A physical, medical, developmental and/or learning disability exists that affects the safety of the other participants.
  • Extra support is needed at home for basic care such as dressing and toileting.
  • The individual is currently associated with a support agency or program.
  • There are behaviours to be managed (ie. biting, scratching, pinching etc.).

Families/Guardians/Caregivers are required to complete an "Intake Form" to help staff with any program adaptations. When considering a recreation experience, please consider the individual needs, and that the recreation integrated setting may not be suitable for all persons with disabilities. Health and Safety of participants and staff is paramount, which could result in participants being denied access to the program.

 How do I register for integration services? 

  1. Select a program/camp the individual would like to participate in from our current Community Services Program Guide.
  2. Contact our Community Programmer to discuss your registration plans and support options by phone at 905-727-3123 ext. 3121 or by email to vkendra@aurora.ca
  3. Complete a participant "Intake Form" that is to be reviewed by the Community Programmer to  determine what kind of support is required in order for the participant to be successful in the integrated, recreational setting (example: volunteer support (Leisure Buddy), Town staff support (additional hourly costs apply) or external support (required at own cost)). 

  4. Register for your program.
  5. The Community Programmer will confirm your support requirements prior to the start of the program and camp chosen.

Please note: We will do our best to provide your child with the support they require; however, it is not guaranteed that we will be able to secure a Leisure Buddy Volunteer, Integration Counsellor or staff for the specific program or camp that you have requested.

Aquatic Programs

The Town of Aurora aquatics division is committed to promoting the dignity, independence and potential of persons with disabilities, through individualized instruction and integrated learn to swim programs. Our learn to swim program is taught by qualified Red Cross Water Safety Instructors who have volunteered and have past experience working with participants with disabilities.

A 30 or 45 minute class is offered at both the Aurora Family Leisure Complex and the Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex pool. Class ratio is 1:1, offering Privates or Inclusive Lessons and cost $10.40 per class.

For enquiries, please contact Gregory Peri (Aquatic Coordinator) by phone at 905-727-3123 ext. 3515 or by email at gperi@aurora.ca.

Mediator Pass

A mediator pass allows a participant to enter into the Town of Aurora’s drop-in activities (lane swim, leisure swim, fitness centre, group fitness classes including Aquafitness, recreational skate, gym drop-in programs, rock wall, The Loft) with any mediator that is assisting the participant within the space of the activity. 

A mediator is an individual who is providing support to a participant who requires assistance to participate in the drop-in activities on their own. Once received, the mediator pass will be associated with the participant, allowing different mediators to attend with the individual. The mediator can enter into the drop-in programs without any admission charges (for example - fees).

To obtain a mediator pass, please visit the Customer Service desk at either the Aurora Family Leisure Complex or the Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex.

Club Aurora Fitness Centre

Want to work out? The Aurora Family Leisure Complex offers free weights that incorporate upper body strength, muscle development and cardiovascular conditioning from the comfort of your wheelchair.

For Club Aurora enquiries, please contact the fitness centre at 905-726-4764.  

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