Work will restore stream, providing habitat for plants and animals.

Residents on the border of Newmarket and Aurora will soon see construction begin on Phase 2 of the 90-home Shining Hill development on the border of the two communities. Starting in the next couple of weeks, work will begin with the restoration of a stream running through the property, creating new and extensive habitats for flora and fauna in the area.

The local conservation authority has now approved restoration plans for the stream, which had been previously converted into manmade ponds. While the work will require the removal of several trees in the area, the restoration efforts will enhance the flora and fauna, provide the perfect habitat for a wide variety of wildlife species and will remove a barrier to fish habitat. The creation of a meander belt and wetland will provide vegetation for fish to spawn and will re-create natural habitat for amphibians and turtles, replicating natural stream functions if left untouched over time.

Stream restoration will begin by the end of February, when the water flow is lower and the ground firmer, ensuring easier conditions for work. Restoration will require the removal of several trees in the area. It is expected that the restoration work will conclude in April.

Town of Aurora Council approved the official plan and zoning amendments required for the Shining Hill development to occur in June 2020. Once the work is complete and the subdivision is assumed, the Town will take ownership and responsibility for future maintenance of the stream.