On January 1, 2020, Central York Fire Services (CYFS) initiated a pilot program which
assisted the fire service to recover costs associated with responding to motor vehicle
collisions on municipal roadways in Aurora and Newmarket. On October 1, 2020 (CYFS)
will be expanding the cost recovery program to include more applicable services.

By expanding the cost recovery program, revenues that are generated throughout the
year would be applied to the CYFS recovery account and used for future projects, as
directed and approved by the Joint Council Committee.

The expanded list includes the following additional services:

  • Natural gas leaks (when proper locates not completed)
  • Hydro incidents (downed wires)
  • Drug labs / grow ops & clandestine labs
  • Post fire investigations
  • Extraordinary expenditures

Currently CYFS recovers costs for attending the following incidents/inspections: motor
vehicle collisions, outdoor burning (not following outdoor guidelines), nuisance false
alarms (preventable cause), hazardous materials response, industrial and commercial
inspections, apartment / office inspections, property file / fire reports, fire extinguisher
training and fireworks permit (large displays).

“Cost recovery programs are a common industry practice which assist in keeping the
department’s annual operating costs more stable,” says Central York Fire Services Chief
Ian Laing. ”Expanding the program allows CYFS to recoup costs associated with
incidents where due diligence was not exercised by the property owner or contractor
resulting in department resources being detained at the scene. This program will assist
CYFS to be more available to respond to other emergency incidents with less delay.”

For additional information on the new schedule of charges, check on the CYFS website;
cyfs.ca or view the information report.

The Joint Council Committee is made up of three members each from Aurora and
Newmarket Town Councils and oversees the administration of Central York Fire