Effective March 21, 2022, the Town of Aurora will no longer require patrons to complete active screening requirements or wear a face mask or face covering at any of our Town facilities. Please be kind and respectful to others and their choices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

General Inquiries

 What does it mean to declare a state of emergency in a municipality?
On Tuesday, July 27, 2021 Aurora Mayor Tom Mrakas terminated the Town’s State of Emergency that was declared on March 18, 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Mayor can declare an emergency that exists in the municipality to protect property, health, safety and welfare of the community. By declaring a state of emergency this allows local, regional and provincial governments to access specific resources as needed and deal with the crisis at hand.

At this stage the declaration of emergency has no financial implications. Should special funding become available the declaration allows us to react quickly to allocate funds.

 Are essential services affected?
Essential services such as water, wastewater, roads and solid waste collection services are not  affected.
Where can I get tested for COVID-19?
Please visit York Regions COVID-19 testing page for a list of assessment centre locations and information.
Who do I contact if I have questions about the Provincial Order?
Questions regarding the Provincial Order can be directed to 1-888-444-3659
How will York Region distribute vaccines to residents once they are available?

For more information visit the Province of Ontario’s vaccination program. For detailed information on York Region’s COVID-19 vaccinations visit York Region's COVID-19 Vaccination page.

Are Isolation Centres available to residents? 

York Region residents who are unable to safely self-isolate away from others in their household can temporarily access free-of-charge COVID-19 Voluntary Isolation Housing – located in and operated by The Regional Municipality of Peel (Peel Region), and funded by the Governments of Canada and Ontario. This temporary isolation housing is a great option for York Region residents looking to protect their family or roommates from COVID-19.

There is no cost for eligible residents to stay at this temporary isolation housing for 10 to 14 days, and each stay is entirely voluntary. Children under the age of 16 must stay with a parent or guardian. Families can be accommodated. Homemade foods and other essentials can be dropped off to loved ones.

Call Peel Region’s Isolation Housing Program intake line at 905-281-1269 to find out if you are eligible to use the isolation housing.

As a York Region resident, you are eligible to access Peel Region’s isolation housing, free-of-charge, so long as you meet the above criteria.

Visit the Peel Region's Self-Isolation page for more information.

Is there any emergency housing during the cold weather?

York Region’s Cold Weather Response Plan provides a safe and welcoming space for residents experiencing homelessness during the cold weather season by:

  • Enabling activities by service providers that safeguard residents experiencing homelessness from cold weather
  • Alerting residents experiencing homelessness and the public that cold weather conditions are expected or currently exist
  • Supporting residents experiencing homelessness to take appropriate precautions

During a Cold Weather Alert, all individuals experiencing homelessness are asked to contact the Transitional Shelter Intake Line at 1-877-464-9675 ext.76140 TransitionalShelter.Line@york.ca 

The intake line will be answered by York Region’s Outreach Diversion Team on weekdays from 8:30 am. to 4:30 p.m. and Salvation Army staff outside of normal business hours, including evenings, weekends, and statutory holidays. Families with children should contact Leeder Place Family Shelter by calling Blue Door at 1-888-554-5525

Property Tax and Utility Bills

Can I pay my property taxes and water bill in person?

Aurora Town Hall has reopened its doors to the public for some in-person services offered through our customer service counter, Access Aurora.

Available in-person services include making a payment for tax or water accounts, paying for a parking ticket or pet license and picking up parks and trails maps, waste calendars, recreation guides. A special appointment system is also in place for Commissioning of documents, marriage licenses or burial permit processing.

Other department staff (outside of customer service) will continue to be available virtually or via special appointment. For more information please email Access Aurora or call us at 905 727-1375 and our customer service team will try to assist you further

Can I pay my property taxes and water bill online?

Residents and businesses can continue to pay their tax and water bills online through their financial institution’s online banking*. You can mail in cheques or place them in the secure drop box at Town Hall which is located outside the front doors.

*For paying property taxes, the payee name is Aurora Taxes and your account number is your 19 digit property roll number with no spaces or decimals and can be found in the upper left corner of your property tax bill.

*For paying your water account your payee name is Aurora Water and your account number is the 10 digit number which is located in the upper left corner of your water bill.

 Can I get an extension to pay my property taxes or water bill?

The Town of Aurora has supported residents and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing additional property tax relief measures for the 2020 property tax installations. At this time, all deadlines to apply for relief measures have passed.

Please contact our tax department with any questions.

Water bills will continue to be sent out and we ask that residents still continue to pay to the best of their ability. Water bills that are not paid at the due date will still be moved to the property tax account.

Please contact our water department with any questions.

Can businesses defer their tax payments during the COVID-19 crisis?

Please contact our tax department with any questions.

Water bills will continued to be issued and due for residential residents on a quarterly basis and commercial residents on a by-monthly basis. We ask that all residents pay these bills by the due dates to the best of their ability.  If residents are unable to do so, one time interest of 5% will be applicable and the water bill will be transferred to the property owner’s tax account for payment at a later date. Please note interest of 1.25% is applied to outstanding property tax balances on a monthly basis. More details are available on our water billing webpage.

Please contact our water department with any questions.

Can I order a Tax and Water Certificate?

Tax certificate requests along with the cheque should be mailed to the attention of Access Aurora at 100 John West Way, Aurora, Ontario, L4G 6J1 or placed in the secure drop box at Town Hall. For more information email Access Aurora or call 905-727-1375.

Business and Community Support

Is there any additional support for businesses?

The Town of Aurora in partnership with the Aurora Chamber of Commerce has created a specialized task force to help support the local economy and provide assistance to small businesses in Aurora. The Aurora Business Continuity Task Force will bring together business professionals with global, national and local experience to help find creative ways to assist Aurora’s small businesses.

For more information visit our Aurora Business Continuity Task Force page or contact the Aurora Chamber of Commerce for more information.

 Is there any Community Support I can access?

The Town of Aurora has put together a list of external agencies that may be available to provide support to members of the community during the current COVID-19 State of Emergency.

Click here to view the community resource list.

How can I volunteer or support our community during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

If you would like to volunteer or support our community please contact Neighbourhood Network at 905-726-3737 or visit the Neighbourhood Network webpage for a list of community needs.

Customer Service (Access Aurora)

 Can I obtain a Marriage Licence?
The Town of Aurora will issuing marriage licences by appointment basis only. Limited appointments for marriage licences will be made available each week from Monday to Friday during regular business hours.

To book an appointment to obtain a marriage licence please contact Access Aurora at
905-727-1375 or email Access Aurora

 Can I get a document Commissioned?

The Town of Aurora will assist customers seeking the commissioning of documents by appointment only. Please call Access Aurora at 905-727-1375 to request a commission appointment. Commission appointments will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays during regular business hours.

Please note the Town of Aurora does not provide “Notary” services to the public. For public notaries, please refer to your local yellow pages.

To book an appointment for a commission appointment please contact Access Aurora at
905-727-1375 or email Access Aurora.

 Recreation, Arts, Culture and Events  

 Will I be refunded for cancelled programs, camps and permits due to COVID-19?
Refunds will be issued for all cancellations resulting from facilities closures and memberships will be placed on hold until full services resume. Participants who paid by credit card will automatically be refunded to the same credit card.  If you paid by another method (cash, debit, cheque) you will be contacted and offered the choice of a credit to your account or a refund by cheque. Any applicable refund fees will be waived. 
 What will happen to my Club Aurora membership?

For more information visit our Fitness Centre page.

Are Aquatics Programs still running?

For information on our programs visit our Aquatics page.

 What is the status of Town Events?
For information on upcoming virtual and in-person Town events visit our Special Events page.
 What is the status of Town permits and rentals?

Indoor and outdoor facilities are available for permitting. For more information visit our Facilities and Rental page.

Playgrounds, Park Amenities, Trails, Sport Fields, Dog Park and Recreational Amenities

What facilities are open or closed?

View the list to see which facilities are open to the public. For a full listing of what facilities are open and closed to the public please visit our Reopening Aurora Page.

  • Aurora Town Hall (Open)
  • Joint Operations Centre (JOC) (Closed)

Visit the reopening Aurora page for details on the following facilities.

  • Aurora's Senior Centre 
  • Aurora Public Library 
  • Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex (SARC) 
  • Aurora Community Centre (AAC) 
  • Aurora Family Leisure Complex (AFLC) 
  • Aurora Museum and Cultural Centre 
What Recreation facilities are open?

For a full listing of what facilities are open and closed to the public please visit our Reopening Aurora Page.

 Can I use the trails in Aurora?

Yes. The Town of Aurora trails are open for use. Please practice physical distancing when using Aurora’s trails. 

 Are York Region's Forests open?

Yes. Trails information can be found in the York Region Trail Guide.

Residents who visit the York Regional Forest should come prepared with directions to alternate tracts.   

The following rules are in place for all visitors of the Forest:

  • ALL dogs MUST be leashed at all times
  • Do not smoke
  • Practice physical distancing of at least 2-metres between yourself and other forest users, both on the tracts and in common parking areas
  • Wear a cloth or non-medical mask where physical distancing may be challenging
  • Do not litter, including garbage, gloves and masks and pet waste
  • Please be kind and act responsibly

Can I skate on Town outdoor ice pads?

Outdoor rinks are open. For more information and updates visit our Outdoor Skating page.

 Can I skate on ponds in Aurora?

No. We ask that residents only use the Town constructed ice rinks and that everyone stay off large bodies of water, ponds and storm sewer ponds as water levels can quickly change underneath the ice and the unpredictable weather can pose a danger to those who use it.

These ponds have a specific job, and that’s to continuously collect stormwater runoff from neighbourhoods.

Because of this function, they are designed to have water flowing in and out of them all year long (from rainfall and snowmelt), making them an unsafe place to play. See for yourself – the next time you venture out to a storm pond, look around the edges of the pond and at the water outlets. You will often see open water, even in the winter!

No matter how deep into the winter or how thick the ice may appear, temperature changes can cause major variations in ice thickness. Air pockets are also easily formed under the surface and contaminants like salt weaken the ice. All these factors combined, create dangerous and unpredictable conditions that put your safety at risk. 

Bylaw and Animal Services

 What Bylaw Services are available to the public?

By-law Officers have resumed regular duties and will be responding to service requests on a priority basis.  Concerns relating to health and safety will be investigated prior to non-health and safety concerns.

  • Town wide parking restrictions have been reinstated as of June 8/2020.
  • Business License renewals have resumed.
  • Sign permits are required for any new mobile sign installations
  • Park permits are required for any organizations or large groups utilizing Town sports fields and facilities.

In accordance with the Provincial Emergency Management & Civil Protection Act, portions of the Noise By-law have been suspended by the province:

  1. Construction Noise is permitted 7 days a week between 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  2. Commercial & Industrial Deliveries and pickups are permitted 24 hours per day to ensure businesses remain fully stocked and our supply chain remains intact.
  • Residents are encouraged to continue practicing safe social distancing and frequent hand washing

Face coverings are required when entering any indoor facility, including condominium common areas unless a medical condition prevents its use.

 What Animal Services are available to the public?

Animal Services will respond to all service requests with Health & Safety concerns taking priority. Please contact Animal Services at 1-877-979-7297 (PAWS)

  • Be diligent in practicing social distancing with one another and pets. This means not having play dates or off-leash romps with dogs from other households or interacting with someone else's dog while on a walk
  • Keep your cats inside and remember to keep your dogs leashed at all times when outside
  • In person sales of dog licences are currently not available. If you’d like to purchase, replace or renew a licence, visit DocuPet or contact them over the phone at 1-855-249-1370
  • The Georgina Animal Shelter and Adoption Centre remains closed to the public and will not be accepting any animals for surrender

Is the Georgina Animal Shelter Open?

Yes. If you have lost your pet you can contact Animal Services at 1-877-979-7297 (PAWS). If you pet is found and taken to the Georgina Animal Shelter you will need to contact the shelter to make arrangements to schedule an appointment to pick-up your pet at 1 800-898-8606.

Waste and Recycling Services

Will my waste and recycling service be affected?

No. At this time, all waste and recycling services will not be affected. Green for Life Environmental has closed access to their public office until further notice.

How can I obtain a yellow Yard Waste Sticker?

If you require a yard waste sticker please call the Town at 905-727-1375 or email Access Aurora 

How do I replace my broken Blue or Green bin?

If your Town of Aurora green bin or blue recycling bin is damaged, please contact Green for Life (GFL) at 1-866-421-5625 to schedule to have the replacement bins delivered to your home.

How can I purchase a new Blue or Green Bin?

Please mail or drop off a written request to purchase recycling bins from the Town of Aurora. 

In your written request please clearly provide the following:

  • Type and quantity of bins you wish to purchase
  • Your name, address and phone number
  • Cheque (not cash) made out to: Town of Aurora, 100 John West Way, Aurora, ON L4G 6J1

The drop box is located at the Joint Operations Centre main address, to the right of the front doors: Joint Operations Centre, 229 Industrial Parkway North, Aurora, ON L4G 4C4 

Please make sure the cheque reflects the correct payment amount and please include your order information on the cheque so that we can process the payment along with your order.

I just moved to Aurora, how can I get a set of recycling bins?
Please contact Access Aurora at 905-727-1375 to obtain a set of bins.
How can I dispose of latex gloves and face masks?
When disposing of gloves and masks, please place these items in a tightly tied plastic garbage bag, not in the blue box and not on the ground. Please do not litter.
Can I still donate to the Textile Recycling Program?

Diabetes Canada and Cornerstone to Recovery have resumed operations at all 7 textile bins located on Town property. Please do not leave items outside the bins. If the bin is full, please go to another location or hold onto them until it has been serviced.  The bins will be serviced weekly until further notice. 

Planning and Building Services

 How do I apply to extend my Restaurant or Bar's patio?
For restaurants and bars who are interested in extending their patio space, the Town of Aurora requires the business to submit a Site Plan Exemption Application that includes a scaled plan showing the location of buildings, location and dimensions of the patio, fencing, entrances, exits and aisle widths. All applications are required to comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and the Ontario Fire Code.


Some highlights from Aurora’s Outdoor Patio Program include:

• All site plan application fees will be waived

• Application fees for minor variances for patio expansions will be waived

• Restaurants and bars that would like to expand or create patio space onto the sidewalk will have to enter into an encroachment agreement with the Town and must maintain accessibility requirements.

For inquiries about Aurora’s Outdoor Patio Program, please email the Planning department

Can I still apply for or pickup an existing Planning Application?

The Planning Division, is now accepting appointments for Applicants to come in to have their Planning Applications Commissioned on Mondays; Wednesdays and every alternate Friday. 

Planning and Development Services is accepting new applications this includes intake of permits, building/engineering plans, and all development planning applications (For example, Official Plan Amendments, Zoning By-Law Amendments, Plans of Subdivision, Site Plans, Condo Plans, and Committee of Adjustment applications.) The pick-up and drop-off area is located at the North-East corner of the back entrance of Aurora Town Hall. There will also be a box for anyone having to pick-up material with pre-arranged instructions provided. For more information on Planning or Engineering related matters, please call 905-727-3123 or click to email planning or engineering. For Building related matters, please call 905-727-2123 or click to email building. 

Planning and Development Services Application Pick-up/Drop-off


For more information on Planning or Engineering related matters, please call 905-727-3123 or click to email planning or engineering.

For Building related matters, please call 905-727-3123 or email building.

Physical distancing

What is physical distancing?
COVID-19 is known to spread from person to person. The only way to limit the spread of COVID-19 is to practice safe physical distancing. To reduce the spread, it is recommended that everyone:
  • Stay home as much as possible
  • Practice physical distancing (stay 2 metres/6 feet away from others)
  • Limit the need to leave your home. Only go outside for essential (grocery, work, exercise etc.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly and often
  • Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands

Members of Council and Public Meetings

 How do I get in touch with the Mayor and Members of Council?
The Mayor and Council are dedicated to serving the residents and businesses of The Town of Aurora. Contact information for Members of Council can be found here.
 Are Public and Council meetings cancelled?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, meetings will be available to the public via live stream only on the Town’s YouTube Channel. In-person public attendance at the meetings is not permitted at this time. 

To view the livestream meeting visit our agendas and minutes page.

Contact Information

 How can I contact the Town?

General inquiries can be directed to Access Aurora at 905-727-1375 or email Access Aurora.  Additional department contacts can be found below.

Access Aurora
Email: info@aurora.ca 
Tel: 905-727-1375

Bylaw Services
Email: bylawdept@aurora.ca

Community & Recreation Services
For recreation customer service, program registration, memberships: rleisure@aurora.ca 
For facility rental inquiries: bookings@aurora.ca 
For facility advertising & sponsorships: ldyer@aurora.ca

Corporate Communications
Email: communications@aurora.ca

Human Resources
Email: hr@aurora.ca

Operational Services
Tree permits: cwright@aurora.ca 
Water meters: adelbalso@aurora.ca 
Bulk water requests: BulkWaterAurora@aurora.ca
Road occupancy permits: kjohnston@aurora.ca 
Garbage inquiries: acutler@aurora.ca

Planning & Development Services

Planning Inquiries
Email: planning@aurora.ca 
Tel: 905-727-3123
Fax: 905-726-4730

Building Inquiries
Email: building@aurora.ca 
Tel: 905-727-3123 
Fax: 905-726-4731

Engineering Inquiries
Email: engineering@aurora.ca 
Tel: 905-727-3123 
Fax: 905-841-7119

 How is the Town of Aurora keeping residents informed?
 The Town will notify the public of future cancellations, openings and updates through:

For up-to-date information about COVID-19 Visit the York Region website for information and resources on COVID-19 or call Health Connection at 1-800-361-5653. Learn about how the Ontario Ministry of Health is preparing for COVID-19 in Ontario.