In an effort to provide further guidance for managing infill development in the Regency Acres, Temperance Street, Town Park, and Aurora Heights neighbourhoods, the Town of Aurora Planning Department undertook a study of our "Stable Neighbourhoods". These neighbourhoods generally contain the Town's established, low-rise residential dwellings. 

Meetings, Events and Reports

The public consultation process for the Stable Neighbourhood Study is now complete.

On June 4, 2019, Planning Staff and the consultant presented final recommendations for the Stable Neighbourhood Area Study to Council. The recommendations included new performance standards as well as direction to continue work on the Urban Design Guidelines. The guidelines are intended to provide guidance to homeowners, designers, architects and builders for the physical layout, massing and relationship of new dwellings or additions to existing dwellings. You can read more about the recommendations by clicking on the links below: 

Urban Design Guidelines

What is an Official Plan?

An Official Plan is one of the Town of Aurora's primary tools to direct the actions of local government, shape development decisions and manage growth in the short- and long-term. The Official Plan establishes the vision, corresponding principles and supporting policies to guide the Town's evolution and development to the year 2031, for all lands in the Town of Aurora.

What is a Stable Neighbourhood?

The intent of the Official Plan is to ensure that areas designated Stable Neighbourhoods are protected from incompatible forms of development, and that new development in these areas, respect and reinforces the area's existing physical character and uses. The proposed amendments to the Zoning By-law and Draft Infill Design Guidelines for Stable Neighbourhoods are intended to further reinforce Official Plan policies for Stable Neighbourhoods, while at the same time, allowing flexibility for these areas to evolve and be enhanced over time.