Notice of Minor Variance hearing for 672 and 684 Henderson Drive

The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal will conduct a hearing by video on the matter of 672 and 684 Henderson Drive. The hearing will take place over nine days beginning on November 24 at 10 a.m.

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Notice of hearing for 672 and 684 Henderson Drive

Minor Variance Application for 672 and 684 Henderson Drive

Many residents have expressed concern about an application that has been brought forward to the Town’s Committee of Adjustment regarding two properties located at 672 and 684 Henderson Drive. This webpage has been created in order to provide a central location where all information regarding this matter can be located.

This matter is expected to appear before the Committee of Adjustment at a future meeting.  

Statement from the Town of Aurora

The above mentioned properties have sometimes been referred to by the community as the “Henderson Forest”, however, the area is not a town or regionally-owned forest.

The land has always been privately owned and is zoned for residential use. Private land owners are entitled to put forward applications requesting to build on their property. On May 11, 2017 an application came before the Committee of Adjustment – a committee consisting of citizen members that considers applications related to building and planning – to build a single, detached home on each of the above mentioned lots.

At that meeting, staff expressed concerns regarding the sizes of the building envelopes and requested the applicant provide a more fulsome report detailing the potential environmental impacts of any development.

The Applicant has prepared a Natural Heritage Evaluation for the proposed development and it is being reviewed by the Town's environmental consultant. The matter will return to the Committee of Adjustment for consideration at a future date. 

It is important to note that the lots in question are within the settlement area of the Oak Ridges Moraine and contain natural heritage and environmental features, which is why the land owners were required to seek a minor variance application through the Committee of Adjustment.

Because of the designation, any potential development must be done in a way that has the least impact on the natural environment. To be clear, under no circumstances will all the trees on the lot be removed. Any trees that may be removed to allow for the footprint of a home, must be replaced with new trees elsewhere on the lot. In addition, any and all wildlife that may be affected by the possible addition of a home on the lots must be carefully considered and their habitats retained as much as possible.

When the Town receives the follow up report detailing the potential environmental impacts, it will be circulated to commenting departments and agencies, including the Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority (LSRCA). It is the responsibility of the LSRCA, not the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), to assess the environmental impact of the proposal, however, the Natural Heritage Evaluation report must address the MNR criteria related to Endangered Species.

In addition to the involvement of the LSRCA, the Committee of Adjustment can also impose conditions of approval on the application, that would help ensure the owners proceed in accordance with the final approved plans and natural heritage evaluation recommendations.

Anyone with questions or concerns about this matter can contact or call the Secretary-Treasurer Committee of Adjustment/Planning Technician, Planning and Building Services at 905-727-3123 ext. 4223.


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As of February 2, 2018, a revised Natural Heritage Evaluation (NHE) has been submitted to the Town by the Applicant. This material is currently being reviewed by Town staff.

The NHE will be peer reviewed by a third party environmental consultant. In addition, these materials will be reviewed by appropriate Town departments and external agencies.

If material is deemed to address previously raised staff issues, a revised Public Notification of Committee of Adjustment Meeting will be completed in accordance with Town procedures and Planning Act requirements as follows:

    • Notice of Public Hearing mailed to property owners within 120 metre radius of subject lands
    • Signage will be placed on both properties notifying the date of the Committee of Adjustment meeting
    • Persons who had filled out Interested Party forms will be sent the Committee of Adjustment Notice of Public Hearing
    • The Committee of Adjustment Notice of Public Hearing and other relevant information will be posted on the Town website

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 Records Relating to Motion from Council on March 26, 2019

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