Are you on the list of voters for the upcoming municipal and school board elections?

​To obtain a Ballot at a Voting Location you must be on the Voters' List. Every person on the Voters' List as of September 19, 2014 will receive a Voter Notification Card in the mail. If you have not received one or you have recently moved, you may not be on the Voters' List.

How do I get on the Voters' List?

If you need to be added to the Voters' List or to change your information on the Voters' List you will need to complete an Application to Amend the Voters List. Applications can be completed at Access Aurora at Town Hall during regular business hours. Applications to amend the Voters' List will also be accepted at Advance Voting and at your regular voting location on Voting Day (October 27, 2014).

Do I need ID to get on or change the Voters' List?

Yes! You will ne​ed to provide identification when applying to amend the Voters' List.

​Not on the Voters' List

If you are not on the Voters' List you will need a combination of identification that shows you are a Canadian Citizen, 18 years old, a resident or owner of property in Aurora and a photo. There are many combination of documents that can use, including:

  • A Canadian Passport and an Ontario driver's licence
  • A Canadian provincial or territorial birth certificate and an Ontario driver's licence
  • A Canadian Passport and a mortgage, lease or rental agreement
  • A Canadian Citizenship Card and a credit card bill or bank statement

Already On the Voters' List

If you are on the Voters' List but need to change any of your information you will have to present photo identification. If you are changing your qualifying address you must also show proof of residency.

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