Council has directed that three Public Planning Meetings be held to inform the public and receive public input on the Highland Gate Developments Inc.'s Official Plan Amendment, Zoning Bylaw Amendment and Proposed Plan of Subdivision Planning Applications.

Geranium Homes established the website which contains information about Highland Gate and identifies all Complete Application documents submitted to the Town with their Planning Applications for Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment and Proposed Plan of Subdivision.

Below are links to information about and resulting from the three Public Planning Meetings, along with additional information:

What is the purpose of the Public Planning Meetings?

The purpose of the Public Planning Meetings is to obtain public input on the planning applications. Public comments can be provided at the Public Planning Meeting or submitted in writing to the Planning Department. 

​What will be provided at the meetings?

A brief information report from staff will be available at the Public Planning Meetings that will consist of a description of the applications, any background information and general comments on the initial submission. Planning staff will present the purpose of the Planning Applications and the applicant will then present their applications in greater detail.   

​Will there be a decision on the application at the meetings?

No. A Council decision on the planning applications is not intended to be made at the Public Planning Meetings. A decision may be made at a future meeting of Aurora Town Council. Council will receive the applications on June 24, 2015.

​How is the Public being informed of the meetings?

Public Meeting Notification respecting the Planning Applications will be given at least 20 days before the Public Planning meetings in accordance with the provisions of the Planning Act, and Council Policy by:

  • Individual Mail Notices to every owner of land within 120 metres (400 feet) of the subject lands,
  • Public Meeting Notices will also be placed in both The Banner and The Auroran newspapers
  • Public Meeting Notification by ground Signage on the subject property

Where can I get more information on the Planning Process?

The following links describe in general terms how the Town processes and reviews these types of planning applications. Note, the planning applications are being reviewed concurrently.

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