​Sign By-law

Sign Bylaw 5840-16 regulates signs within the Town of Aurora. The intent of this bylaw is to regulate signs in relation to business needs, community appearance, safety and the impact on areas, properties or buildings identified for their historical significance.

If you are installing a permanent or temporary sign, you may require a sign permit. 

Please note signs advertising a special event may also be permitted subject to authorization by the Director of Planning and Building Services.

The following signs require a permit through Building Division:

  • wall signs
  • awning signs
  • canopy signs
  • projecting signs
  • ground signs
  • development signs
  • menu board signs for drive thru facility

Application requirements for all other types of sign permits shall include:

  •  a completed application form       
  •  full payment of the required fee and/or security deposit
  • 2 copies of a fully dimensioned site plan, drawn to scale showing all property lines of the lot on which the sign is to be erected or altered and the location of the all existing and proposed signs in relation to the lot lines, buildings and other structures
  • 2 copies of plans and specifications drawn to scale showing sufficient detail to determine compliance with this By-law and the Ontario Building Code including location, size, height and graphics of all proposed and existing signs, construction materials and specifications respecting structural support and framework of the sign.

For more information please contact Building Division at 905-727-3123 ext. 4393 or by email to building@aurora.ca 

Sign Variance Requests

Where the proposed sign does not comply with one or more provisions of this Bylaw, the applicant may choose to submit an application requesting a variance from provision(s) of this Bylaw.

Sign Variance application form

For more information about the sign variance process please contact Building Services at 905-727-3123 ext. 4393 or by email to building@aurora.ca

The following signs require a permit through By-law Services Division:

  • mobile signs
  • banner signs
  • feather banner signs

Application requirements for a mobile sign, banner sign and feather banner sign permit shall include:

  • proof of insurance (for mobile signs)
  • written permission of the property management or the person in charge of the lot
  • proposed dates for placement and removal of sign(s)
  • information with respect to number and locations of the proposed sign(s)

In addition to the above requirements all sign permit applications must include the following approvals where applicable:

  • approval from the Ministry of Transportation for a sign that is within 400 metres of any provincial highway right of way
  • approval from conservation authorities having jurisdiction within the Town of Aurora for any ground sign within their regulated areas
  • approval from the Region for any sign that is fully or partially encroaching onto the Region's property

For more information please contact By-law Services Division at 905-727-3123 ext. 4240 or by email to bylawdept@aurora.ca


Sign Bylaw 5840-16

Sign Permit Application (Mobile/Banner/Feather Banner)

Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish (All other signs)

Sign Variance application form

Sign Fees & Securities

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