​​​​​Aurora United Church
15186 Yonge Street,
55,57 and 57A Temperance Street,
12 and 16 Tyler Street
File Numbers: OPA-2016-05 and ZBA-2016-13

The following is a brief description of the proposal being considered by Council:   

  • Official Plan and  Zoning By-law amendment applications filed to permit the development of the subject lands for a new 2 storey place of worship and a 9 storey, 159 suite, retirement home with associated structured parking.

  • Three vehicular access points are proposed to the site leading to 133 parking spaces. 

Council passed the following Resolution at its March 22, 2017 Public Planning meeting:

  1. That Report No. PBS17-017 be received; and
  2. That comments presented at the Public Planning meeting be addressed by Planning and Building Services in a comprehensive report outlining recommendations and options at a future Public Planning meeting.

Below are the Planning Rationale Report, Heritage Impact Statement and the Traffic Impact Study that have been  submitted to support the subject Planning Applications.

Revised plans were submitted on May 10, 2017:

On May 10, 2017 the Planning Consultant representing the Aurora United Church submitted the revised plans below.  These plans illustrate revisions to the original building design proposing a maximum building height of seven storeys for the proposed retirement home.  The previous submission proposed a  maximum building height of nine storeys for the retirement home.

Council will be reconsidering the Aurora United Church OPA application at a Public Planning Meeting on May 24, 2017.

Staff Report PBS17-037

Applicant’s presentation to Public Planning Meeting on May 24, 2017 showing revisions to the proposed church and retirement home development

Revised Plans May 2017

Aurora United Church Planning Rationale

Heritage Impact Statement

Traffic Impact Study

​General Committee Meeting of July 4, 2017

 On July 4, 2017 General Committee considered Staff Report PBS17-050.

June 2, 2017 Letter from Applicant ​

Staff Report PBS17-050​

Applicant's Presentation at the July 4 General Committee Meeting

Revised Plans as of June 3, 2017:

A101 (1)
A301 (1)
A308 (1)

A to Z Services: