​​​What is a Secondary Plan? 

A secondary plan provides specific schedules and policies for those areas of the Town where more detailed directions for land use, infrastructure, transportation, environment, urban design or similar matters are required beyond the general framework provided by the Official Plan. Prior to the initiation of the 2C Secondary Plan, the Town completed a detailed Natural Heritage Evaluation (Environmental Report) for the 2C Planning Area. This Natural Heritage Study was completed by North South Environmental Inc. in May 2006 and was approved by Council on June 13, 2006.  

Primary Objectives  

The primary objectives of the 2C Secondary Plan are as follows:  

  • Emphasize sustainable development, energy efficiency and enhancement/protection of environmental natural features and Wildlife Park throughout the 2C Secondary Plan area. 
  • Standardize policies for growth management and development phasing based on the principle that "growth pays for growth". 
  • Provide a comprehensive strategy for the delivery of services and infrastructure throughout the 2C planning area and adjacent areas, including economic development and the creation of jobs to ensure a complete community. 
  • Protection of the Highway 404 corridor for employment lands. Review the employment land requirements and set targets for residential to employment land ratios. 
  • Conformity with the 2005 Provincial Policy Statement, the Provincial "Growth Plan", draft Lake Simcoe Protection Act, Source Water Protection and Metrolinx Plan. 
  • Conformity with the Region of York's Five Year Review process "Planning for Tomorrow," and related regional strategies. Adherence to the regional principles of building "complete communities" that is transit friendly.
  • Integration of The Town of Aurora's "Five Year Official Plan Review".   


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