Planning and Development Services department manages both the growth and physical form of existing and future developments of the Town through the land use planning process, the Building Code review and issuance and inspections. Land use planning enables the Town to establish goals and objectives for future growth and development.

Planning and Development Services provides planning advice to Council, departments, the public and Council endorsed committees on a variety of policy and procedural issues and Planning Act applications. In addition, Planning and Development Services regulates and enforces the Ontario Building Code. 

Through this process, interests and objectives of individual property owners are balanced with the greater interests and objectives of the Town.

Planning and Development Services is also responsible for ensuring that our community has safe and modern roads, sewers, storm water management facilities and safe water delivery through the services delivered by the Engineering and Capital Delivery Division.

The Planning and Development Services department is comprised of four divisions:

Development Planning Division

  Policy Planning and Economic Development Division

  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • Economic Development
  • Policy Planning

Building Division

  • Zoning and Building Administration
  • Building Code Review & Inspections
Engineering and Capital Delivery Division


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