If you require police, fire or emergency medical services, please call 9-1-1 immediately. 

The Town of Aurora regularly participates in Emergency Management exercises in partnership with Central York Fire Services, York Regional Police, the Regional Municipality of York, York Region Paramedic Services and the Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management. We are required to conduct at least one emergency management scenario a year, where our preparedness, communications and response are reviewed and evaluated.

All senior staff are required to be trained in the provincial standard for Incident Management Systems (IMS). IMS provides standardized organizational structures, functions, processes and terminology for use at all levels of emergency response in Ontario. 

Additionally, staff are experienced in crisis communications and have provided training to members of emergency services across Ontario and internationally on emergency communications.  We are committed to ongoing training and education in this area.

The Town, the Region and our emergency services all have primary and secondary site Emergency Operations Centres and are connected to one another in the event of an emergency that involves multiple communities and emergency services.

The Town will communicate with residents via Twitter, the Town website, local news media outlets (the Banner, yorkregion.com, the Auroran, 105.9 FM), phone line (905-727-1375), information centres and by conducting in-person visits to residents and businesses where necessary. 

We also encourage residents to sign up for Red Alerts, Tornado Warnings and Emergency Information Advisories through Emergency Management Ontario.

An emergency is an event that has serious, widespread, and potentially life-threatening impacts to the public (i.e. tornado touchdown, earthquake, forest fire, severe and widespread flooding, long-term power outages, chemical emergencies.) 

Please note minor flooding is not considered an emergency. There are times when municipal or regional roads may flood over due to excessive or prolonged rainfall (regional roads include Yonge Street, Wellington Street, Bayview Avenue, St. John's Sideroad, Leslie Street and Bathurst Street). The water and sewage system is designed this way to prevent nearby homes from flooding. In these cases, roads will be closed and temporary diversions will take place until the water recedes, usually within a few hours. Fires that affect a limited or contained area, or other emergencies that do not require residents to take immediate action, will not be sent out via emergency text alert. 

Emergency messaging will be sent out with the approval of the lead emergency response agency - Central York Fire Services, York Regional Police, York Paramedic Services or the Regional Municipality of York.

For questions regarding emergency planning, please contact Jim Kyle, Manager of Corporate Initiatives, at jkyle@aurora.ca or 905-727-3123 ext. 4345. 

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