​Program Purpose and Objectives

The Architectural Salvage Program enables the salvaging and re-use of architectural materials of significant cultural heritage value in Aurora. The Program facilitates the appropriate re-use and conservation of materials at the discretion of the Heritage Advisory Committee in a manner that is sustainable, operational, accessible to the general public, and consistent. This Program encourages the adaptive re-use of heritage materials instead of being deposited as landfill. Suitable elements for inclusion in the program include (but are not limited to), doors, windows, fireplace mantles and shutters.

As circumstances arise where it is not possible to conserve heritage resources, the Program outlines clear and objective guidelines for mitigating these situations. The Architectural Salvage Program enables a process for accepting and distributing materials.

​Applying to Receive Materials part of the Architectural Salvage Program

Those who wish to receive materials part of the Architectural Salvage Program may submit an application to receive. Please consult with staff regarding inquiries related to the Architectural Salvage Program prior to the submission of your application. Staff will review the Architectural Salvage Program catalogue in order to suggest materials which would be a best-fit for a proposed project in terms of size, dimensions, materials, etc. A site visit may be required in order to confirm that the materials are appropriate for the particular project. The catalogue number(s) of the specific materials being applied for will be noted in the Application Form. Applicants are required to provide details regarding the proposed project noting how the materials being applied for will be used and conserved. Applicants who intend to use the salvaged material on property which is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act will be exempt from all fees. All applicants who have had their Applications approved must sign the Architectural Salvage Program Agreement.

To access the application guide to the architectural salvage program, please visit the Heritage Planning​ webpage.

Applying to Donate Materials to the Architectural Salvage Program

Those who wish to donate materials to the Architectural Salvage program may submit an application to donate. Approval must be obtained in order to demonstrate that the materials meet the program criteria. Materials accepted into the program must have significant physical attributes associated with a cultural heritage resource and be architectural in nature. Materials must not be irreparably damaged or infested.
At all times, materials will only be accepted into the program if staff can confirm that adequate storage space provided by the Town is available.

For more information, please contact: Planning and Building Services department: Heritage Planning 
at 905-727-3123 ext. 4226 or planning@aurora.ca  

Additional Resources

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