2018 Budget Process

Budgets are about more than just numbers. Budgets represent possibilities and allow us to bring the ambitious dreams for our community’s future to life. Aurora is a changing and growing place, one where staff, Council and the community all work together to make our Town truly unique. We are a community which embraces and celebrates our small town charm and urban amenities. There are exciting things to come for Aurora. From the development of the former library and seniors’ centre areas to the potential building of a new multi-use community centre, there is a lot to look forward to.

The theme of this year’s budget is Ready for the Future and we are pleased to present a 2018 budget that does just that. 2018 represents a more sustainable budget, one that sees us reducing our reliance on development charges and development growth spikes and represents a more normalized income stream. This proposed budget positions the Town for success and will allow us to deliver on a long-term strategy that will exceed the needs and expectations of our community.

We continue to be more accurate in our reporting by rightsizing in certain areas and are committed to presenting a budget that keeps pace with the changing needs of our growing community.

Public Consultation

2018 Final Capital Budget Report
2017 Asset Management Plan
2017 Ten Year Capital Investment Plan
2018 Final Repair and Replacement Capital Project Listing
2018 Final Growth and Infrastructure Capital Project Listing
2018 Final Studies and Other Capital Project Listing

Operating Budget​​​

2018 Approved Operating Budget Summary 
2018 Final Operating Budget Report
2018 Operating Budget Kick-off Report – November 7, 2017
2018 Operating Budget Kick-off Presentation – November 7, 2017
Executive Summary
2018 Final Budget Option Decision Units
2018 Final Departmental Business Plans
Town of Aurora – Five Year Operating Budget History
History of the Tax Rate Stabilization Reserve
Council's Key Considerations Update
Town of Aurora – 2017 Objectives Scorecard
Cultural Partners Presentations
Additional Budget Information

Final 2018 Operating Budget Adjustments

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