Highlights of Aurora Town Council Meeting of Tuesday, November 12, 2019


2020 to 2022 operating budget presented

Aurora Town Council received a presentation last week during the General Committee meeting provided by Rachel Wainwright-van Kessel, Director of Finance providing an overview of the draft 2020, 2021 and 2022 proposed operating budgets. The budgets were referred to Budget Committee for review at its scheduled meetings commencing on November 18, 2019.

Kitimat Crescent and Aurora Heights Public School alternative solutions to safety concerns

Council referred a report back to staff recommending the parking restrictions at any time on the south and east sides of Kitimat Crescent from a point nine metres south of the beginning of the curb return to a point nine metres east of the end of the curb adjacent to 25 Kitimat Crescent. Staff were directed to work with the community, residents and the school board to investigate alternative solutions to pedestrian and vehicular safety in the area.

Amendment to Development Charges Bylaw

Aurora Town Council approved a motion brought forward by Mayor Tom Mrakas directing staff to bring forward a bylaw to amend the Development Charges Bylaw to exempt The Town of Aurora’s portion of Development Charges for “major office development” which is defined as a free standing building with a minimum height of three floors and a minimum gross floor area of 75,000 square feet. Additionally, the ability to take advantage of the exemption would begin at Council approval and end three years later and the total eligible gross floor area to be considered for the exemption would be capped at 300,000 square feet.

Bylaw to govern Airbnb and short-term rental accommodations

Council approved a motion put forward by Mayor Tom Mrakas directing staff to examine the feasibility of passing a bylaw to licence, regulate and govern Airbnb and short-term rental accommodations in the Town of Aurora, and to report back to Council.

Additional Council Information

The next meeting of Aurora Town Council is scheduled to take place on November 26, 2019 at 7 p.m. in Aurora Town Hall, Council Chambers, located at 100 John West Way. Please check the Town’s website for any cancellations or date changes.

Comprehensive Minutes of Aurora Town Council Meetings, which detail the full list of Council decisions, are available under Agendas and Minutes on the Town of Aurora website. Minutes are available on the Friday afternoon following Council.


Council Highlights

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