Highlights of Aurora Town Council Meeting of Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Council approves strategies to reduce single-use plastic straws

Aurora Town Council approved an Offer-First Policy for all Town facilities and Town-run special events that will ensure plastic straws are provided to customers only when required. There are accessibility concerns with the banning or limiting of plastic straws. People with a range of disabilities (e.g. cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis, among others) depend on plastic straws to access water and other beverages. Council also supported the Federal and Provincial Governments’ waste initiatives regarding single-use plastics and packaging and will be forwarding the Town of Aurora report on single-use plastic straws to the other levels of government for information.

Town not to proceed with the implementation of a Train Whistle Cessation Program

Council approved a staff recommendation to not go ahead with the implementation of a Train Whistle Cessation Program which would see no whistles be used at the street-level crossings located within the Town of Aurora. The staff report included information on the risk and liability that would be assumed by the Town, costs associated with Transport Canada safety requirements and mandatory safety assessments that would need to be completed by a Metrolinx consultant.

Council votes not to construct sidewalks on seven streets

Council passed a motion to cancel planned construction of sidewalks on Adair Drive, Bailey Crescent, Davidson Road, Browning Court, Johnson Road, Holman Crescent and Baldwin Road. Two petitions were submitted against the construction of the sidewalks with residents expressing concern over the loss of trees, challenges with winter maintenance and loss of driveway parking.

Canopy of Lights on Yonge Street

Aurora Town Council approved a motion put forward by Mayor Tom Mrakas directing staff to work with the Business Improvement Area to install a canopy of lights on Yonge Street from Wellington Street to Mosely Street. Council also approved increasing the budget for the Aurora Promenade Streetscape Design and Implementation to include the installation of the Canopy of Lights at an upset limit of $100,000.

2020 Capital Budget

Town of Aurora Director of Finance Rachel Wainright-van Kessel provided Council and the public with an overview of the proposed 2020 Capital Budget. Capital Budget deliberations will begin on Saturday, October 5, 2019. A copy of the presentation can be found online here.

Next meeting of Aurora Town Council

The next meeting of Aurora Town Council is scheduled to take place on October 8, 2019 at 7 p.m. in Aurora Town Hall, Council Chambers, located at 100 John West Way. Please check the Town’s website for any cancellations or date changes.

Additional Council Information

Comprehensive Minutes of Aurora Town Council Meetings, which detail the full list of Council decisions, are available under Agendas and Minutes on the Town of Aurora website. Minutes are available on the Friday afternoon following Council.


Council Highlights

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