Road Closure: Project 42072 - Vandorf Sideroad Culvert and Ditch Repair


ROAD CLOSURE: Vandorf Sdrd will be closed from Carisbrooke Circle to approximately 100 metres east of Carisbrooke Circle from August 13 - 16 for culvert and ditch repair. Thank you for your patience!

The work currently in progress includes:

  • Replacement of an existing 1.0m diameter CSPA culvert that crosses Vandorf Sideroad approximately 280m east of Bayview Avenue and to regrade approximately 30m of existing ditch so that it flows to this culvert.
  •  Replacing the entire length of existing CSPA culvert with a new multi-barreled culvert that will have improved cover over it; regrading approximately 30m of ditching to improve and re-direct drainage to this culvert; reinstatement of the roadway where the culvert is being replaced and ditch vegetation where the ditch is being regraded.

PDS19-045 - GMc - Award  of Tender - Vandorf Sideroad Culvert and Ditch Repair Attachment 1.jpg

Project Administrator: Glen McArthur 905-727-3123 x4322 or Norman Whitley 905-727-3123 x4376


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