Aurora announces appointments to various Committees


​Aurora Town Council is pleased to announce the following appointments to various Town committees.

Community Recognition Review Advisory Committee

The Community Recognition Review Advisory Committee assists in planning the Community Recognition Awards night, which recognizes the volunteer efforts of Aurora citizens. The members are also responsible for reviewing award nominations and selecting winners. The members are:

Mayor Tom Mrakas 
Diane Buchanan
Erin Cerenzia 
Brian North 
Jo-anne Spitzer 
Paul Martin 
Elaine Martini

Governance Review Ad Hoc Committee

The Governance Review Ad Hoc Committee reviews and provides advice on governance issues related to the Town, including Council composition, structure, and election provisions. The members are:

Steve Hinder 
Bill Hogg 
Terry Jones 
Tim Jones 
Anita Moore 
Jeff Thom

Heritage Advisory Committee

The Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) advises and assists Council on all matters relating to the conservation of buildings of historic or architectural value and on all matters relating to the designation and preservation of heritage conservation districts in accordance with the Ontario Heritage Act. The members are:

Councillor Sandra Humfryes 
Neil Asselin 
Jeff Lanthier 
Matthew Kinsella 
Hoda Soliman 
Bob McRoberts (Honorary Member) 
John Green (Aurora Historical Society representative)

Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee advises and assists staff on matters relating to the environment, parks, trails, recreation, active transportation and other matter of interest to the community. The committee members are:

Councillor Rachel Gilliland
Councillor Harold Kim 
Martin Ambrose 
Barry Bridgeford 
Chris Gordon 
Balpreet Grewal 
Denis Heng 
Chris MacEachern 
Janet Mitchell 
Jennifer Sault 
Sera Weiss

The role and responsibilities for each of these boards and committees is set out in their respective Terms of Reference. More information can be found online at:


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