Aurora announces appointments to various Statutory Boards and Committees


Aurora, ON – Aurora Town Council is pleased to announce the following appointments to various Statutory Boards and Committees. Made up of both citizen members and members of Council, the Aurora Public Library Board, Committee of Adjustment and Accessibility Advisory Committee, provide staff and Council with advice on various issues facing the Town. Appointments have also been made to the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority Board and the Joint Council Committee.

Aurora Public Library Board

The Aurora Public Library Board's role is to govern the affairs of the Library within the framework of the Public Libraries Act R.S.O. 1990. The Board is the legally constituted authority responsible directly to the Council of the Town of Aurora and the community for prudent oversight of the Library's operations. The 2018 to 2022 Aurora Public Library Board Members are:

John Clement
Tom Connor
Adam Mobbs
Marie Rankel
Ken Turriff
Councillor Sandra Humfryes
Councillor Harold Kim

Committee of Adjustment, Property Standards Committee, Aurora Appeal Tribunal

The Committee of Adjustment is an arm's length quasi-judicial body, which considers applications from property owners for minor variances from the provisions of the zoning by-laws of the municipality and applications to sever or divide land. Committee of Adjustment Members also sit on the Property Standards Committee and the Aurora Appeal Tribunal. The 2018 to 2022 members of the committee are:

Michele Boyer
Steven D'Angeli
Daniel Lajeunesse
Clarence Lui
Tom Plamondon

Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Accessibility Advisory Committee encourages and facilitates accessibility for all persons with disabilities and assists Council in improving on opportunities for persons with disabilities by advising on its annual Accessibility Plan. The 2018 to 2022 committee members are:

Matthew Abas
Gordon Barnes
Max Le Moine
John Lenchak
Hailey Reiss
Jo-anne Spitzer
Councillor Rachel Gilliland

Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority Board

To maintain and improve our watershed, municipalities within the area associated with the Authority, appoint members to serve on the Conservation Authority's Board of Directors. The Board of Directors reviews conservation projects managed by the Conservation Authority, conservation area programming and planning and regulatory activities under The Conservation Authorities Act.

Aurora Town Council has appointed Councillor Wendy Gaertner to the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority Board.

Joint Council Committee

The Joint Council Committee is responsible for the planning and provision of effective and efficient fire and emergency services in the Towns of Aurora and Newmarket. The committee also presents and maintains a Master Fire Plan and approves service levels and budgets.

Aurora Town Council has appointed Mayor Tom Mrakas, Councillor John Gallo and Councillor Rachel Gilliland to the Joint Council Committee.

The role and responsibilities for each of these boards and committees is set out in their respective Terms of Reference. More information can be found online at:


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