​Please find below additional information on how to care for your Boulevard Tree.

Please do:

Correct way to care for your boulevard tree

Water the soil around the base of the trees thoroughly at least once a week, during dry periods only, to help establish roots.

Maintain the woodchip mulch in the shape of a broad, low saucer, as shown in the diagram. This helps to direct moisture to the roots.

Remove weeds, grass and any other plants from the woodchip mulch to reduce competition for water and nutrients with the forming tree roots.                                                                                                           

Call the Parks division at 905-727-3123 ext. 3223 if your tree appears to be dying, is damaged or requires pruning.

 Please do not:

Incorrect way to care for your boulevard tree Water every day since the roots can become waterlogged.

Mound up the mulch or soil around the base of the tree. While it may look aesthetically pleasing, it causes the water to run away from the roots, starves the surface roots of oxygen and may encourage mold and pests to invade the bark.

Cultivate, dig, plant or construct borders around the mulched area as this may damage the newly forming roots. Also do not tie anything to the tree that could restrict its growth.                                                                                          

  • Use a trimmer close to the bark of the tree.

​Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in helping to create a more beautiful and healthy environment in our town. We will all enjoy these trees for many years to come.

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