In September 2015, Fotenn Consultants Inc. were hired to execute a consultation process about the Cultural Precinct by conducting stakeholder workshops, open houses, surveys, presentations and local interactive events. After extensive study, the consultants created initial concept plans that will provide background information to the process that will follow.

In parallel with the work being conducted by Fotenn Consultants Inc., Council also engaged the consulting services of AECOM Canada Architects conduct a Repurposing Study and make recommendations on the use of five Town-owned structures – the former Library, former Senior’s Centre, Victoria Hall, The Petch House and the Armoury.

The Repurposing Study is part of the background information to support the Council approved multi-stage planning approach to ensure a successful conclusion to the Cultural Precinct/Library Square project.  A report will be presented to Council by the end of June, outlining the Public Consultation Process for this project.

The broad objective of this study was to identify and meet key stakeholders and recognize their needs for facility use. Furthermore, based on the information received from the user groups and after holding public meetings and conducting a survey to identify the needs of the community stakeholders of Aurora, the report will make recommendations to the Council on the determination and disposition of use of the above mentioned facilities.

The Repurposing Study was conducted with a complete background review, Official Plan, Economic Development Strategy, Promenade Plan, Strategic Plan, Parks and recreational Master Plan, Heritage District Plans and ongoing Community Improvement Plan.

The four milestones of the approved plan are:

  • First Milestone: Council approval of the Guiding Principles for the Cultural Precinct Study as presented by Fotenn and endorsement of future milestones (April 19, 2016)
  • Second Milestone: Delivery of Repurposing Study and Approval of a notional budget for investment in cultural infrastructure (May 3, 2016)
  • Third Milestone: Acceptance of present concept plans for the Cultural Precinct and the Repurposing Study and approval of the public consultation process (June/July 2016)
  • Fourth Milestone: Council Direction of a concept for the Cultural Precinct (Fall 2016)

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