The Town of Aurora joins leading municipalities in Ontario in developing its first Cultural Master Plan. The Plan will establish a cultural vision for the Town as well as identify concrete strategies and actions to support cultural and broader economic development goals. This plan will contribute to realizing one of Town Council's values that is "to continue to support a sustainable community that embraces a balanced quality of life including arts, culture and recreation."

The first step in the Cultural Master Plan is completing a cultural mapping exercise which develops an inventory of cultural resources within the community. The next step will be a community engagement process to seek ideas and input to help shape the vision, directions and priorities of the Cultural Master Plan. Input and insight will be sought from culture and heritage groups, the business community and all interested residents. Stay tuned for further details.

To support the development of the Cultural Master Plan Council has appointed a Working Group consisting of municipal staff and a range of cultural and community representatives.

Check back regularly for updated information as this project proceeds.

What is Municipal Cultural Planning?
The Cultural Master Plan is being guided by a process called municipal cultural planning. Municipal cultural planning is a priority for the Government of Ontario. It is defined by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport as:

"A municipal government-led process approved by Council, for identifying and leveraging a community's cultural resources, strengthening the management of those cultural resources and integrating those cultural resources across all facets of municipal government planning and decision making."

For more information on municipal cultural planning you may view a video in which Greg Baeker discusses the importance of municipal cultural planning as an essential tool for municipalities in growing local economies and enhancing quality of life.

What is Cultural Mapping and How are Cultural Resources Defined?
Cultural mapping is one of the first steps in developing the Cultural Master Plan. Cultural mapping is a systematic approach to identifying and documenting a community's cultural resources. The Cultural Master Plan is defining cultural resources broadly as illustrated in the diagram below.


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For further information pertaining to the Aurora Cultural Master Plan please contact Phil Rose-Donahoe at or 905-727-3123 ext. 4327​

Business Directory

The Town of Aurora is inviting local cultural organizations, businesses and individuals in the Cultural sector to apply for a free listing in Aurora’s 2020 Cultural Directory.
This initiative is one of several Aurora Cultural Master Plan action steps currently happening. The goal of this Directory is to promote Aurora’s Cultural Sector in general and promote interaction and usage among Cultural Members and the Community. 

For more information on the Cultural Directory and to submit a listing application for yourself, or your company / organization, please visit the Town of Aurora Cultural Directory

For more information, please contact Phil Rose-Donahoe, Manager of Library Square, Town of Aurora at

*The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2019.

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