​​​Due to the very undulating topography in various locations within the Town of Aurora, it is not uncommon for residents to utilize many of these sloped areas in their own neighbourhoods for the fun of tobogganing. It is important toKids Tobagganing know, however, that dangers exist in many of these areas to unsuspecting users, and what is often considered to be good clean fun can quickly result in tragedy. The Town recommends not using most of these areas for tobogganing.

Tobogganing is permitted in only the following locations:

  • ​Fleury Park: In the dedicated area just south of Aurora Heights Drive and the Aurora Community Centre Parking Lot
  • Machell Park: In the dedicated area just north of the parking area on the west side of the park.
  • Aurora Leisure Complex / Lambert Willson Park: Strictly in the dedicated area along the east side of the Complex Building.
  • Copland Park: Strictly in the designated area along the north side of the park. 

Tobogganers are reminded that these locations/areas are unsupervised
by the Town of Aurora, and surface conditions can vary widely with ice, bare ground or other conditions that pose a hazard.

All tobogganers using these facilities do so at their own risk, and children should be supervised by an adult. All participants should utilize the appropriate personal safety equipment.​ 

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