Backflow Prevention The Town of Aurora will be implementing a mandatory Backflow Prevention Program, under Backflow and Cross Connection By-law 6213-19. To comply with the Bylaw, all industrial, commercial and institutional, and multi-residential property owners have to install a backflow preventer on the water supply line to their property. Multi-residential properties are those that have more than six units sharing a single water service.

The purpose of the Program is to ensure that the Town continues to provide safe and high-quality drinking water to our community by decreasing the chance of backflow.

Backflow happens when water from private properties flows back into the municipal water distribution system. These properties may have internal connections (called cross connections) to water used for non-potable purposes. This can create unsafe situations because of the potential for contaminants to flow back into the drinking water system.

Customers will receive information about the program by mail followed by Notices to Comply with the Backflow and Cross Connection Bylaw.

The bylaw will require industrial, commercial, institutional, and multi-residential property owners to undertake the following at their properties: 

Conduct a survey

    • The property owner will receive a Notice to Comply when the a Cross-Connection Control Survey is required at the property.

    • Select a qualified contractor.

    • Have the selected contractor survey the property to identify potential or existing cross connections within the plumbing.

    • As part of the survey, have the contractor classify the degree of hazard of your property.

    • Submit the completed Cross-Connection Control Survey to the Town.

    • Conduct a survey of the property every 5 years thereafter or whenever there is a change in use or ownership of the property

Install and/or test the backflow prevention device

    • The property owner will receive a Notice to Comply as a reminder if a backflow preventer(s) needs to be installed based on the survey report.

    • If the property does not have a backflow device, have the selected contractor install the required device and test it.

    • If the property already has the appropriate backflow preventer, have the selected contractor test the backflow prevention device.

    • Testing of the device is required at installation, after repair or relocation, and yearly thereafter.

    • The contractor must attach a test tag to the device.

    • The property owner must submit the Cross-Connection Control Test Report to the Town.

    • Owners must maintain the devices and address any corrective actions identified in the Cross-Connection Control Survey or Cross Connection Control Test Report.

  • Keep copies of the reports on-site

  • Notify the Town of any change to a property use (due to operational or tenant changes)

It is the responsibility of the selected contractor to determine the degree of hazard and type of device to be installed. These must be done according to the Canadian Standard Association  - CSA B64.

The program will be rolled out in three (3) phases:

  • Phase 1 – Properties classified as a severe hazard

  • Phase 2 – Properties classified as a moderate hazard

  • Phase 3 – Properties classified as a minor hazard. Devices would not be required at these properties unless the property use and hazard level changes.


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