​Backflow Prevention By-Law

The Town of Aurora is taking steps to ensure that our drinking water continues to be clean and safe. 

The Town is legally responsible under the Safe Drinking Water Act, Section 19, Standard of Care to do its due diligence. Installation of backflow preventers is required under Section 7 of the Ontario Building Code and is considered to be industry best practice.  

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To comply with the Bylaw, Industrial, Commercial and Institutional and multi residential property owners will be required to:

  • Conduct a cross connection survey of the private water plumbing and send the Town the Cross Connection Control Survey by fall 2019 and every five years after that.
  • Install backflow prevention devices at each property by 2020.
  • Test backflow prevention devices and send the Town the Cross Connection Control Test Report annually beginning in Spring 2020.
Residential property owners will not be impacted by this bylaw at this time.  However, a residential property may be subject to the bylaw if it poses a high risk for contaminating the water supply. 

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