The Town is serviced by three types of Roads, the Regional Road network such as Wellington Street and Bayview Avenue, Primary roads such as Industrial Parkway, and Secondary roads such as cul-de-sac and low volume local roads. Regional roads are cleared by York Region. The Primary and Secondary roads are the responsibility of the Town. Please refer to the snow plow route maps for road classifications.

At the beginning of a snowfall or freezing rain, all primary roads with high volume traffic are salted first. Then all secondary roads with low volume traffic are salted at hills, intersections and curves. After 8 centimetres (3 inches) of snow accumulation (except Yonge Street - 5 centimetres) all primary and secondary roads are plowed.

When streets require plowing, they are cleared within 16-24 hours after the end of the storm whenever possible, however heavy snowfalls or successive storms can sometimes extend this period.


Town of Aurora Level of Service for Plowing

Road Priority ​Max. Depth ​Max. Time ​End of Storm Goal
Yonge St.​5.0 cm​6 h​Bare Pavement
​Primary​8.0 cm​16 h​Bare Pavement
​Secondary​8.0 cm​24 hSelect Treatment

We anticipate having all roads salted within 12 to16 hours from the time the fleet is dispatched. However, staff have the flexibility, when weather conditions are appropriate, to determine that it is not necessary to salt the Secondary Roads, after completion of salting the Primary Roads.

Town of Aurora Level of Service for Ice Control on Roads

Road Priority ​Maximum Time
Yonge Street (Primary)4 h

12 h

​Secondary16 h

All sidewalks (except in new subdivisions if sidewalks are incomplete) are anticipated to be plowed and sanded once there is an accumulation of 5 cm or more. This work is expected to be completed by the Town within 24 hours after the equipment has been dispatched under average winter conditions.

Please note: As a result of prolonged, unusual or unexpected weather conditions or unavailability of staffing/equipment resources, there may be deviations from the above maintenance program, including extended completion times. Your patience and co-operation are greatly appreciated in these circumstances.

Significant Weather Events 

Provincial Minimum Maintenance Standards  (MMS) now include a provision to permit Municipality to declare a Significant Weather Event.

This amendment to the MMS is considered to be a significant benefit to municipalities as it allows for a wider window of opportunity and additional period of time for a municipal road authority to return road conditions to the standard level of service during and following a significant weather event.

For example, in the event of an approaching or during a severe weather event, if it is determined by the municipality there is a need to declare a “Significant Weather Event that is likely to over tax our resources and our ability to maintain service levels within the set MMS timeframes, the Designated Municipal Official can, through the proper channels, declare a significant weather event and by doing so extend the road maintenance period. Once declared, the Regulation deems the roads to be in a state of repair until such time as determined by the Municipality that the significant weather event has ended.

Following this period, the Municipality shall declare an end to the significant weather event and complete any required road and sidewalk maintenance within the time frames set out in the MMS. 

More information can be found in the provincial regulation at the link below:

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