As a follow up component of the winter maintenance activities, the Town proceeds with street and sidewalk sweeping for general aesthetic, economic and environmental purposes.

The early springtime sweeping of roads and sidewalks is a vital and cost effective necessity because of the negative impact associated with winter sand and the increased costs associated with having to remove the sand from our catch basins and water courses.

If the streets and sidewalks are not quickly swept up soon after the winter season, the spring rains ultimately wash the sand into the catch basins and water courses and then increased costs are experienced for the specialized removal of the sand from there. Occasionally, the scheduling of sweeping operations is impeded by uncooperative weather and the inherent soft boulevards next to the sidewalks. Nevertheless, attempts are continually pursued to complete this work as soon after the winter season as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Street and Sidewalk Sweeping

Which streets and sidewalks will be swept?

All streets and sidewalks that are owned and assumed by the Town will be swept. Those streets in new subdivisions with base course asphalt, sidewalks not continuously connected or are under construction, will be the responsibility of the subdivision developer. Private streets and sidewalks are the responsibility of the condominium/townhouse development owner.

How can residents help?

To provide efficient sweeping, the Town's equipment needs to get to the curb and sidewalk without obstructions. Please observe the following:

  • Try to avoid Monday to Friday daytime parking on your street, if possible
  • Do not park vehicles over the curb or sidewalk
  • Place your garbage, recycling or yard waste on your driveway, away from the curb
  • Safety is important for everyone, so please watch children carefully when the sweepers are on the roadway.

When will the sweeping be finished?

The spring street sweeping program typically takes about two to three weeks to complete but may be delayed by cold or wet weather, parked vehicles or excessive amounts of winter sand or debris.

We appreciate your cooperation and assistance in keeping Aurora’s streets and sidewalks clean and safe. For further information, please contact the Town at 905-727-1375.​

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