​Green Bins are collected every week. All green bins must be placed by the curb prior to 7 a.m. on your collection day (except Yonge Street and Industrial Parkway which is 6 a.m.).

What can be included in your Green Bin

Please find below a guideline for what can be included in your Green Bin. Please line your Green Bin with compostable bags instead of plastic bags to further help the environment.

  • Food and food scraps

    Food and food scraps can be placed in your Green Bin. This also includes meat and fish bones and shells, fat, grease and lard (solidified), small amounts of cooking oil, baking supplies, dairy products, egg shells, coffee filters/grounds and tea bags, corn cobs/husks and nuts/shells. Please note: Maximum weight of 22 kg (50 lbs).

  • Soiled or shredded paper

    Shredded paper may be placed in the Green Bin in small amounts. Other paper products that go in the Green Bin include; butcher and cheese paper, moulded pulp take-out trays, ice cream boxes, microwave popcorn bags, flour and sugar bags, muffin paper, paper cups and plates, paper towels and tissues, paper serviettes, paper candy wrappers and any paper or cardboard that contains food residue (sauce, cheese, etc.). Please do not include waxed paper.

  • Personal care items

    The following personal care items can be included: diapers, hair, nail clippings, sanitary products, tampons, incontinence products and tissues.

  • Pet products

    The following pet products can be included: animal bedding, pet waste, kitty litter, bird seed, pet food, pet fur, feathers and sawdust (wood sources only).

  • Houseplants and flowers

    Houseplants and flowers can be included. Please note: This does not include yard waste.

Additional Green Bins

Purchased Green bins

Additional Green Bins may be purchased for $22.50 at the Aurora Town Hall  from Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. with extended hours till 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday. 

Please note: We do not have Green bins on site at Aurora Town Hall. Residents must come in to pay for the green bin and obtain a receipt. Once a receipt is issued, residents can pickup the green bin at 14131 Bayview Ave in Aurora or request the box is delivered curbside. 

Replacement Green bins

Residents can request a box replacement by bringing the damaged box to 14131 Bayview Ave to receive a new one or alternatively by calling our contractor Green for Life (GFL) at 1-866-421-5625 to request a replacement bin. All replacement bins must be to the curb on the date of exchange agreed with our contractor GFL in order to receive a replacement.

New Residents

New residents can request a new resident package in person at the Town Hall or by calling 
905-727-1375. Please note: we do not have the Green or Blue bins on-site. They will either be delivered curbside or you can pick them up after speak with a customer service representative at Aurora Town Hall.

Please ensure that all Green Bin materials are securely contained in compostable bags* that are tied and closed. Please do not use twist ties. 

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