​​Are you using acceptable containers for residential waste and recycling collection? To ensure your waste and recycling is collected, please use the following approved containers and sizes:

Metal or Plastic Cans for Waste Plastic Bags for Waste
  • Must have 2 sturdy grab-through handles and a secure lid
  • Do not use ties/bungee cords
  • Maximum 133 litres (35 gallons)
  • Maximum weight 22 kg (50 lbs)
  • Must be securely tied
  • ​​No loose grocery/kitchen catcher bags
  • Do not place sharp objects inside bags. Place these materials in a separate, sealed and labeled cardboard box
  • Maximum weight 22 kg (50 lbs)
Plastic Containers for Recycling
  • Minimum 68 litres (18 gallons); Maximum 83 litres (22 gallons)


Unacceptable 128 L recycle container   Acceptable blue bin   Unacceptable 189 L waste container



For more information, please call 905-727-1375.

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