​​​​The Town of Aurora is committed to improving the opportunities for persons with a disability.

We are committed to ensuring that all people of all abilities have equal access.

We will implement policies, practices and procedures focused on reducing and eliminating the barriers to access information, facilities and services for all residents of Aurora.

​The Accessibility Plan provides a focus for the Town's initiatives in implementing standards for the provision of services to persons with disabilities. It is also used as a tool to improve the quality of Town programs and services available to people with disabilities.

If you require content in an alternate format or communications support, please contact the Town's Accessibility Advisor at 905-727-3123 ext. 4212 or accessibility@aurora.ca

2018-2024 Annua​l Accessibility Plan

Accessibility information for Contractors

Under the Accessibility Act, the Town of Aurora is required to incorporate accessibility criteria, features and designs when procuring goods or services. For more information view the specific Contractor forms below.


AODA Compliance Report (2015)
AODA Compliance Report (2013)
AODA Complian​ce Report (2010)
AODA Cont​ractor Compliance Form
Guide For An Accessible Aurora
Accessibility Standards for Customer Service for Persons with Disabilities – Policy No. 63​
​Integrated​ Accessibility Standards Policy – Policy No. 69​​

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Diversity and Inclusivity

The Town of Aurora is committed to creating an inclusive environment with equality for all who work, live and play here. Together with our partners in York Region, we share the vision of York Region as a welcoming and inclusive community where diversity is celebrated and where everyone can develop to their full potential, participate freely in society and live with respect, dignity and freedom from discrimination. Please visit york.ca/inclusiveyr for more information. 

You can view our Inclusion Charter below. It is also posted in all Town facilities.

Town of Aurora Inclusion Charter

Inclusion Charter Progress Report 2018


The Town of Aurora is committed to providing customer service to all of our citizens. We value all of our customers and strive to meet everyone’s needs. 
Please take a moment and share your comments with us to help better improve our services and your experience.

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