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The Aurora Museum & Archives serves as a repository for the collective stories and experiences of the T​​own of Aurora.  We are committed to preserving, promoting and presenting the vibrant and ever changing character of the Town by making our collection accessible and available.

Aurora Museum & Archives Open Audition Call

​The Aurora Museum & Archives is seeking interest from local performers for the upcoming production of the Temple of Fame to be held on Mother’s Day weekend, May 11-13th, 2018.

On May 10th and 11th, 1918, the Town of Aurora bore witness to a small but impactful performance of a play entitled Temple of Fame. Based on a poem of the same name by Alexander Pope, the play featured women throughout history pleading their case before the Goddess of Fame as to why they should win the crown. Originally presented in Aurora in 1900, the play was updated with new characters for its 1918 remount, an extremely important year in the history of Women’s Suffrage. To celebrate the 100th Anniversary, the Temple of Fame has been modernized for 2018, by local artist and author, Corrie Clark.

List of Characters

 The Goddess Aurora; Gentleman One; Second Gentleman; Tithonus, Prince of Troy; Hypatia; Elizabeth Barrett Browning; Mary Queen of Scots; Elizabeth I; Laura Secord; A Mother; Cleopatra; Joan of Arc; Emily Carr; Frances Willard; Mother Teresa; Isabella, Queen of Spain; Boudica; Malala Yousafzai; Pauline Johnson; Edith Cavell; Queen Victoria; Woman of the Next Century; Marie Antoinette; Helen of Troy; Mother Goose; A Child; Harriet Beecher Stowe; Grace O’Malley; Elsie MacGill; Canada; Khutulun.

We are seeking submissions from local actors, regardless of experience, who have the passion and energy to devote to this exciting and commemorative project. We committed to inclusive casting, and encourage submissions from those who self-identify as members of under-represented communities. While casting for this production is non-union and non-paying, the play will be directed by Sara Moyle, CAEA.

To book an audition, please email swhite@aurora.ca expressing your interest in the project.

Current Exhibition

The Plow in the Crest: How Joseph Fleury and his Sons shaped Industry, Politics and Community in Aurora

​22 Church Street, in the Aurora Room

On view until April 2018

This exhibit follows the path of the Fleury plow - and the family, men and women who produced it over the first half of Aurora's history - from before Confederation to the Second World War. So important to the growth and development of the Town, a stylized version of a Fleury plow was incorporated into the official crest of Aurora, most likely adopted in the 1920s.

The eighty year story of the Aurora Agricultural Works - later J. Fleury's Sons - highlights innovation, stiff competition, and success in domestic and international markets. Joseph Fleury's great grandchildren – Ann, Bill, and David Fleury - are delighted that this collaboration with the Aurora Museum & Archives brings family, foundry and the early Town of Aurora back vividly to life in a way not seen before.

Town Park: A Community Storybook


As a casual meeting place, site of celebration, active sports field, and military establishment, Town Park has been a focal point in the Town of Aurora for over 150 years. Over the years and across generations, this tiny plot of land has played host to thousands of visitors seeking a sense of community.   Woven into the very fabric of Aurora, Town Park: A Community Storybook recalls the compelling history of a place that is much more than a neighbourhood park

Town Park: A Community Storybook has received funding from the Virtual Museum of Canada' s Community Stories Investment Program.​

Bring a Piece of History Home!

​​Limited Edition Commemorative Stein ​

During the 1970s and 1980s these steins were produced ​annually as part of Aurora’s July 1st celebrations. In conjunction with our exhibition Aurora Canada’s Birthday Town, and in celebration of Canada 150, the ​Aurora Museum & Archives has broug​ht b​ack these commemorative glasses. 

They are available for p​urchase at Town Hall or at the Museum offic​e located on the second floor of 22 Church Street for $15.​​

52 Pick Me Up - Full Decks Now Available!

52 Pick Me Up is a collaborative effort between the Aurora Heritage Authority, Aurora Museum & Archives, Aurora Sports Hall of Fame, Boulevard Design and Sport Aurora celebrating the Year of Sport in Aurora. 

Capture the action as the legacy of sport in Aurora comes alive through a deck of playing cards showcasing individuals, teams, locations, and artifacts all connected to how sport has played out in Aurora.​​

Full decks are now available at Town Hall, the SARC or the Aurora Museum & Archives for $15.​​

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The Town of Aurora's Museum is located at 22 Church Street (2nd floor). 

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