100 John West Way, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 6J1


Please find below current registered candidates:

For the Office of Mayor

Name: Nigel Kean
Address: 5 Milgate Place, Aurora, Ontario  L4G 5R3
Telephone number: 416-888-0173
Email address: nigelkean@aol.com
Date filed: January 4, 2010
Name: Roger Clowater
Address: 16 Autumn Way, Aurora, Ontario  L4G 4P1
Telephone number: 905-726-1899
Fax number: 905-726-1876
Email address: roger@rogerclowater.ca
Date filed: January 19, 2010
Name: Geoff Dawe
Telephone number: 905-751-0734
Fax number: 905-895-7736
Email address: geoff@geoffdawe.com
Date filed: June 25, 2010
Name: Phyllis Morris
Address: 10 Timpson Drive, Aurora, Ontario L4G 5H6
Telephone number: 905-841-3743
Email address: phyllis@phyllismorris.net
Date filed: August 11, 2010
Name: Miloslav Prikryl 
Address: 23 Carlyle Cr., Aurora, Ontario
Telephone number: 905-841-8914
Email address: pmiloslav@gmail.com
Date filed: September 10, 2010

For the Office of Councillor

Name: Jim Abram
Address: 20 Delayne Drive, Aurora, Ontario L4G 5A9
Telephone number: 416-801-3143
Email address: jimabram@sympatico.ca
Date filed: January 28, 2010
Name: John Abel
Telephone number: 905-727-5453
Email address: info@johnmabel.com
Date filed: February 5, 2010
Name: Milton Hart
Telephone number: 905-841-9771
Email address: milton@miltonhart.com
Date filed: March 5, 2010
Name: Wendy Gaertner
Email address: gaertner4council@yahoo.com
Date filed: April 1, 2010
Name: Roy Cohen
Address: 14264 Yonge Street, Aurora, Ontario L4G 0P5
Email address: cupdreamer@hotmail.com
Date filed: April 12, 2010
Name: James Lill (WITHDRAWN)
Telephone number: 905-713-3848
Email address: jamie-lill@live.ca
Date filed: May 3, 2010
Date withdrawn: September 10, 2010
Name: Chris Ballard
Telephone number: 905-713-2637
Email address: chris@chrisballard.ca
Date filed: June 29, 2010
Name: Paul Pirri
Telephone number:  905-758-0806
Email address: ppirri@uwo.ca
Date filed: August 10, 2010
Name: Stephen Granger
Address: 78 Charing Crescent, Aurora, Ontario L4G 6P5
Telephone number: 905-727-2035
Email address: sgranger@rogers.com
Date filed: August 23, 2010
Name: Helen Power
Date filed: August 24, 2010
Name: Al Wilson
Address: 132 Delayne Drive, Aurora, Ontario L4G 5B4
Telephone number: 905-727-4864
Email address: alcwilson@sympatico.ca
Date filed: August 25, 2010
Name: John Gallo
Address: 29 Civic Square Gate, Aurora, Ontario L4G 7E3
Telephone number: 905-841-0139
Email address: johngallo@johngallo.ca
Date filed: August 31, 2010
Name: Evelyn Buck
Telephone number: 905-727-6457
Email address: evelyn.buck@rogers.com
Date filed: September 2, 2010
Name: Brian Duff
Email address: duff4council@gmail.com
Date filed: September 2, 2010
Name: Evelina MacEachern
Address: 111 Allenvale Drive, Aurora, Ontario
Telephone number: 905-726-1683
Email address: emacea@sympatico.ca
Date filed: September 3, 2010
Name: Darryl Moore
Address: 37 Victoria Street
Telephone number: 289-466-5080
Email address: darryl@darrylmoore.ca
Date filed: September 7, 2010
Name: Keith Munro
Address:Spacer 14 Sunray Pl., Aurora, Ontario L4G 2V2
Telephone number: 905-727-2343
Email address: gkmunro@sympatico.ca
Date filed: September 9, 2010
Name: Sandra Humfryes
Address:Spacer 45 Golf Links Drive, Aurora, Ontario
Telephone number: 905-727-1433
Email address: shumfryes@sympatico.ca
Date filed: September 9, 2010
Name: Michael Thompson
Address: 28 Gwilliam Lane
Telephone number: 905-713-1253
Email address: michael@thompsonforcouncil.com
Date filed: September 10, 2010

York Catholic District School Board Trustee

Name: Elizabeth Crowe (ACCLAIMED)
Address: 27 Rice Drive, Schomberg, Ontario  L0G 1T0
Telephone number: 905-939-8911
Email address: secrowe@sympatico.ca
Date filed: May 28, 2010

York Region District School Board Trustee

Name: Dave Williams
Address: 49 Allenvale Drive, Aurora, Ontario  L4G 6P5
Telephone number: 905-727-2287
Email address: dcwwilliam@hotmail.com
Date filed: June 17, 2010
Name: Gord Kerr
Email address: gordkerr1@sympatico.ca
Date filed: September 10, 2010

Le conseil scolaire de district du centre-sud-ouest

Name: René Laurin
Address: 49 Lorne Avenue, Penetanguishene, Ontario L9M 1B2
Telephone number: 705-549-3775
Email: rlaurin@penetanguishene.ca
Date filed: July 14, 2010
Name: Dan Poisson
Address: 480 Eagle Street, Apt. 2, Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 1K8
Telephone number: 416-824-8421
Email: danpoisson@yahoo.ca
Date filed: September 1, 2010

Le conseil scolaire de district catholique centre-sud

Name: Yves Levesque (ACCLAIMED)
Address: 73 Bergin Road, Newmarket, Ontario L3X 1S2
Telephone number: 888-434-9840
Email: levesquey@gmail.com
Date filed: July 20, 2010

For more information regarding the 2010 Municipal Election, please contact the Elections Office, at 905-727-3123 ext. 4222 or by email to elections@e-aurora.ca.

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