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Left Turn Restrictions in AuroraGeneral Notifications, Media Releases, Public Notices, Service Disruptions3/30/2017
Downtown Traffic Management Plan General Notifications, Planning Notices, Public Notices3/28/2017
Seeking Doors Open SitesGeneral Notifications, Public Notices3/24/2017
Aurora's Annual Clean-up DayGeneral Notifications, Public Notices3/24/2017
Construction dust near State Farm WayGeneral Notifications, Public Notices3/22/2017
Lane Reduction March 21 and 22General Notifications, Public Notices, Service Disruptions3/20/2017
Public meeting on Highland Gate ParkGeneral Notifications, Planning Notices, Public Notices3/16/2017
YRT Public Information CentreGeneral Notifications, Public Notices3/10/2017
Community Recogntion Award NominationsGeneral Notifications, Media Releases, Public Notices3/9/2017
2017 Multicultural Festival InputGeneral Notifications, Public Notices3/8/2017
Aurora Blood Donor ClinicGeneral Notifications, Public Notices3/3/2017
John West Memorial ScholarshipMedia Releases3/1/2017
Aurora’s Easter Egg Hunt Media Releases3/1/2017
Council Highlights for February 28Council Highlights, General Notifications, Media Releases, Public Notices3/1/2017
Focus Group Participants 55+ General Notifications, Public Notices2/27/2017
Municipal Closures for Family DayFacility Notices, General Notifications, Public Notices, Service Disruptions2/17/2017
Aurora Living Residents GuideGeneral Notifications, Public Notices2/17/2017
Council Highlights for February 14Council Highlights, General Notifications, Media Releases2/16/2017
Lead testing in water systemsGeneral Notifications, Public Notices2/14/2017
Winter Road Service Update - Sunday, February 12, 2017General Notifications, Media Releases2/12/2017
Provide your input to MetrolinxGeneral Notifications, Public Notices2/9/2017
Cancellations for February 7General Notifications, Service Disruptions2/7/2017
Snow notice for February 7General Notifications, Service Disruptions2/7/2017
Municipal TreesGeneral Notifications, Public Notices2/2/2017
Council Highlighs for January 31Council Highlights, General Notifications, Media Releases2/1/2017
Celebrate Arctic AdventureMedia Releases1/31/2017
Hotel Development set for AuroraGeneral Notifications, Media Releases1/30/2017
Mayor Dawe re-elected to LSRCAMedia Releases1/30/2017
GC Meeting for January 24General Notifications, Public Notices1/24/2017
Aurora Expands Door-to-Door Clutter CollectionGeneral Notifications, Media Releases, Public Notices1/23/2017
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