​By March 31 following each year, municipalities are required to disclose the compensation and expenses paid to its elected members. The detailed schedules are noted below. Compensation amounts exclude any remuneration paid to the Aurora Regional Councillor (Mayor) on behalf of York Region under the terms of a Joint Services Agreement. Such amounts are reported separately by York Region.

Compensation of Members of Council is established by Bylaw, which can be amended at any time with any effective date. The current Bylaw for Compensation of Members of Council is By-law No. 5564-13.

In April, 2013, Council directed that reports on expenditures of members of Council be compiled semi-annually, and be published on the Town's website. The format to be used is that used for reporting the 2012 expenses.

Council Expense Policy

There is no separate policy governing the expenditures of members of Council. The Town's Policy #28 for expenditures of staff is to serve as a guideline to members of Council. Further, Policy #57 "Compensation and Support for Members of Council" s​ets out the nature of business and operational support provided to members of Council to assist them in the execution of the duties of their elected office.

Policy #28:  "Corporate, Travel & Auto Expenses" 

Policy #57: "Compensation and Support for Members of Council"

Expense reports for Members of Council

2016 Report

2015 Report​

2014 Report

2013 Report

2012 Report 

2011 Report​​

The compensation and expenses of members of Council, Committees and Boards must be published annually.

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