​​​The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services department can be reached at 905-727-3123 ext. 4753.

You may also contact a specific team member using the directory below.

​Director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Service​Allan Downey​4752
​Administrative Assistant to Director​Marianna Saavedra​4753
​Manager of Recreation Services​Lisa Warth​4765
​Administrative Assistant, Recreation Division​Astero Prattas​4329
​Curator​Shawna White​3710
​Collections & Exhibitions Coordinator​Michelle Johnson​3711
​Recreation Supervisor, Aquatics & Fitness​Adrian Wong​3127
​Aquatics Coordinator (AFLC)Matt Zawada (acting)​3515
​Aquatics Coordinator (SARC)​Terri Edwards​3126
​Deck Supervisor​Samantha Fabbricino (acting)​3119
​Fitness Coordinator​Diana Dawson-Young​3116
​Fitness Coordinator​Wayne DeRyck​3115
​Recreation Supervisor, Community Programs​Franco DeMarco​3526
​Community Programs Coordinator​Jodi Alexander​4761
​Community Programmer​Victoria Christofilos​3121
​Youth Coordinator​Greg Peri (acting)​4760
​Youth Programmer​Julie Stephenson​3128
​Seniors Coordinator​Karie Papillon​3610
​Seniors Program Assistant​Andrew Bailey​3611
​Recreation Supervisor, Special Events​Shelley Ware​4762
​Sponsorship & Special Events Coordinator​Carmela Bourassa (acting)​3133
​Special Events Program Assistant​Lindsay McGuire​3132
​Manager of ParksSara Tienkamp (acting)​3222
​Administrative Assistant, Parks Division​Elizabeth Horton​3233
​Landscape Architect​Brian Jakovina​3226
​Landscape Architect​Gary Greidanus​3227
​Parks Supervisor​Steve Filippelli (acting)​3223
​Manager of Business Support​John Firman​4328
​Facility Bookings Administrator​Julie Carpenter​4759
​Facility Bookings Administrator​Kim Teixeira​4754
​Facility Bookings Administrator​Shauna Young​4774
​Financial Services Clerk​Seanne Goodfellow​4326
​Customer Service Representative / Administrator​Alannah McDonald​3130
​Facility Sponsorship and Advertising Coordinator​Louise Dyer​3134

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