​​​​The Town of Aurora establishes bylaws to manage activities and provide a safe and livable community. These bylaws regulate, prohibit or impose a variety of requirements, and enforcement is undertaken where necessary to obtain compliance with Town regulations.

Some of the core operational functions of this division include animal licensing and control, parking control, property standards, business licensing and mobile vendor licensing.

 The most frequently viewed regulatory bylaws are summarized below. If you require additional information, please contact the Bylaw Services department at 905-727-3123 ext. 4240 or by email at bylawdept@aurora.ca  

Type of Bylaw​ ​​Description of Bylaw
Animal Control (Cats and Dogs)​ By-​law 5642-14
Business Licensing  By-law 5360-14
Clean Yards​ By-law 4754-05.P 
Debris By-law 4738-05.P 
​Division fences   ​By-law 4742-05.P  
​Fence By-law
By-law 4753-05.P
​Fence Cost SharingBy-law 4742-05.P
By-law 4740-05.P
​Fires and open air burning
By-law 5111-09.P
Fireworks  By-law 5373-11 
Garbage disposal    By-law 5590-14​ ​
Noise By-law 4787-06.P
Obstruction of roadways and highways By-law 4744-05.P
Outdoor water use
(harmonized watering)     
By-law 4420-03.E
ParkingBy-law 4574-04.T
Parks and public places By-law 4752-05.P
Property standards   By-law 4044-99-05.P
Purchasing ​By-law 5500-13
​Sewer UseBy-law 5​518-13
Signs  By-law 5840-16
Tree removal permits   By-law 5850-16
​Tree planting (boulevard) By-law 4734-05.P