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​​​Tax Rat​​​e Funded​Bylaw Schedule or Reference​Closing Estimated Balance as of June 30, 2017
A. Reserves for Existing Infrastructure
Infrastructure Sustainability (Repair & Replacement)​​ ​
​Roads & Related R&RRR1​$3,682.4
​Federal Gas Tax ReserveRR2$1,124.8
​Facilities R&RRR3​($145.1)
​Fleet R&RRR4$854.0
​Parks & Rec R&RRR5$1,434.0
​Information Technology R&RRR6​​$81.7
​Discretionary R&RRR7​($215.2)
​Emerald Ash Borer Remediation R&RRR11$101.1
​St. Max Artificial TurfRR12​​$197.8
​Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF)RR13-
​​Total Tax Rate Funded Infrastructure Sustainability Reserves$7,115.5
​​​Utility Rate Funded
Total Utility Rate Funded Infrastructure Sustainability Reserves$8,211.7
Total Infrastructure Sustainability Reserves ​$15,327.2

B. Reserves for New Infrastructure
Development Charges Reserve Funds
​General Government​​

​Fire Services​($3,738.8)
​Park Development($2,733.0)​​
​Indoor Recreation$4,848.4​
​Library Services​$3,746.2
​Municipal Parking Services
​Roads & Related$5,683.7
​Water ​($153.5)
Total Development Charges​ ​$​9,167.2
​​ ​ ​
​​Engineering Inspections FeesUR2​$2,096.7​
​​Landscape Inspection FeesUR3​$1,499.1
​Growth & New Capital Reserve​NI1​($237.0)
​Studies & Other Capital ReserveNI2​$1,173.5
​Dev/Sale of Municipal LandsNI3​($​7.9)
​Cash in Lieu of Parkland​NI4​$6,062.5
​Cash in Lieu of ParkingNI5​$79.2
​Parks New CapitalNI6​$634.7
​Community Benefit Fee
Total New Infrastructure Reserves$22,436.0
​ ​ ​
C. Reserve Funds for Special Purposes
​Tax Rate StabilizationS1​$3,940.8
​Election ReserveS2​$312.9
​Debt Deferral (internal borrowing) LibraryS4($760.9​)
​Building Department - Bill 124​UR1$4,873.2
Total Stabilization Reserves$9,001.6
Other Special Purposes Accounts​ ​ ​
​Trails Donations​SP1​​$4.5
​Green InitiativesSP2​($3.3)
​Heritage FundSP3​$250.4
​Arts & CultureSP4​$47.2
​Public ArtSP5​$0.0
​Parks & Rec Participant Sponsorship​SP6​$37.2
​Cenotaph RestorationSP7​$3.7
​Recreation SponsorshipsSP8​$41.0
​John West Memorial Scholarship AwardSP​9​$29.0
​​Hydro Sale Investment Reserve FundBy-law ​5439-12$36,241.4
​Council Discretionary Reserve FundBy-law 5440-12​$938.0
Total Other Special Purposes​ ​$37,589.0
​​ ​
Total Special Purposes Reserves$49,590.6
​ ​ ​
D. Central York Fire Services Managed Reserve Funds
​Fire Services - General
​Fire Services  - Asset Replacement
Total CYFS Managed Reserve Funds$459.7
​​E. Library Managed Reserve Funds ​ ​
​Library Managed R & R​LIB1​$419.0
​Library Donation & BequestsLIB2​​$26.9
Total Library Managed Reserve Funds$446.3


​*Balances reflect all 2017 approved reserve contributions and draws. In addition, Development Charges, Cash in lieu of Parkland, and the Other Special Purpose Reserve Funds reflect cash receipts to date.​​

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