​Aurora's Historic Armoury 

The Armoury lies at the heart of Aurora in our Town Park. Built in 1874 as a Drill Shed for the Queen's York Rangers military unit, the building is a designated National Historic Site. The Town purchased the Armoury from the federal government in 2014 with the intention of restoring the property and returning it to its role as a community gathering space. 

The Armoury is currently used for storage and the occasional event, although extensive work on the building is required in order to realize the vision of restoration and a reintegration into Town Park. The Armoury has traditionally been very linked with events in the park, whether they be political rallies and speeches or festivals and sporting events.  

On November 28, 2017, Aurora Town Council approved a report directing staff to proceed with a detailed design for the renewal of 89 Mosley Street. The plans focus on the restoration of the building, the re-establishing of the link between the Aurora Armoury and Town Park and the identification of a strategic use for the property. The Town has been working with a post-secondary institution on a possible partnership that will provide professional training opportunities for businesses and residents and align with the Town's revitalization efforts.  More information on this exiciting sponsorship is expected to be announced soon. 

The full report on the restoration of the Armoury is available here.

The Town of Aurora also recently announced a partnership agreement with Niagara College which will see the Canadian Food and Wine Institute offering training out of the Armoury following it's restoration.  For further details, please view the below report:


Full colour drawings of the conceptual plans for the Armoury can be found below: 



For more information on the history of the Armoury, visit the Virtual Museum exhibit online

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