Change of Waste Collection Dates

Waste and recycling collection dates in Aurora have changed starting January 1, 2018. Please consult the Waste CollectionInteractive Mapping Application, submit your address and check if your collection date has changed.

Residents are encouraged to review the attached map, find their street name and check to see if their collection date has changed or has stayed the same. Not all households are affected.

These changes were implemented to increase efficiency and decrease missed collections. Residents can expect the same level of service for their curbside collection after the route changes.

Residents are encouraged to download the My-Waste app to access waste and recycling information, set reminders and to receive notifications on important changes to waste and recycling programs. The My-Waste app can be downloaded from the App Store on your mobile device.

If you currently have the My-Waste app on your mobile device you will need to reset your new waste and recycling collection day on January 1, 2018.

​OOPS Sticker​

If you received an 'opps' sticker with your waste and recycling collection, please view Green For Life's 
(GFL) 'oops sticker' page for more information.

OOPS Image

Check out the Waste & Recycling calendar for more information on the Town of Aurora's free my-waste app. It's an easy, convenient way to quickly access information about recycling and garbage. Also, check out the QR's codes in the calendar to quickly access our website and my-waste app. 

Learn more about ​My-wa​ste App

​​Assisted Recycling Collection Service​

The Town of Aurora's Assisted Recycling and Waste Collection Service is a no cost program that promotes independent living and reduces the risk of injury to those in need of physical assistance.

Fill out and sign the application form below and send it to the Town of Aurora for assistance.

Assisted Recycling Collection Service Application​

Green For Life Environmental Corporation

Green For Life Environmental Corporation (GFL) is the Town's garbage and recycling contractor.

Over time, residents will notice that collection vehicles will bear the GFL logo and colours. Residents can expect to enjoy the same excellent customer service that they currently receive.

The Regional Municipality of York, in partnership with our local municipal partners, is developing the SM4RT Living Plan, also known as the Integrated Waste Management Master Plan

​Who to Call

Collection Inquiries
Phone: 1-866-421-5625 (Green For Life)

Other Waste Management Questions/Concerns
Phone: 905-727-1375

Hazardous Materials​
Phone: 1-877-464-9675

​Recycling and Waste Collection Links​


Waste, Recycling an​d Green Bin Collection Route Map

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